by mydogisabuddhist

Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain.


My dog is an adoptee. His past is not as bad as some other dogs; however, he did go through some hardship. First, he was taken away from his family (for unknown reasons) and delivered to the SPCA where he stayed for a month. Can you imagine yourself being taken away from [location]–the only place you’ve ever known–and, alone, being placed in a cage for over a month? He was surrounded by other dogs, who were also caged–some for much longer than a month–and who were rarely taken out for exercise (lack of volunteers).  He was out, often in the cold (he is a small dog) and in the rain–(thankfully, this was not always the case.)

When he was first spotted, he was fairly thin (not terribly) and was curled up in a ball as it was raining and cold that day. He remained quiet while the others desperately barked for attention, love, affection, and freedom. At first, he was afraid of men, he flinched whenever there were loud noises, any flailing objects (i.e., news paper), or when newcomers approached him. He was a very timid dog.

Today, he’s a completely different dog. He greets whomever, whenever, wherever (men included.) He is sweet with any animal–especially his ‘sister’ (another awesome Buddhist dog)–and loves to romp outside whenever he gets the chance. Anyone would be blind if they did not see, feel, and know that he transcends appreciation at all times. He relishes his life more than any other human I’ve ever met. Are all dogs this way, or was it the hardship he experienced an enlightening moment for him? Either way, I swear, my dog is a Buddhist!


By Troche

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