by mydogisabuddhist

How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of “green”?

-Stan Brakhage

Have you ever encountered a dog that labeled him/herself or even others?

My dog certainly does not. He does not discriminate by gender, sexuality, class, or race. He does not label himself as an environmentalist, a vegan, a fan of anything, a minimalist, a feminist, and so on. He won’t even label himself as a dog or an animal for that matter. Other than trees, lamp posts, or… whatever else he can pee on… he does not label anything or anyone, especially himself.

Instead, he wags his tail to show his happiness, or dances to show his excitement (seriously.) He is quick to forgive (both others and himself) and will remain loyal to those who care for him. He barks when he is alarmed or hides when he’s afraid. He loves unconditionally and does not judge (again, both others or himself.) He does not hate. He has boundless compassion and does not delve in the suffering of others. I swear, my dog is a Buddhist! (But, he does not label himself as such.)

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